General Dentistry for Kids

Most professional organizations recommend that parents should plan to visit the dentist with their child by the time the child turns one year of age. When you start healthy dental habits early, those first teeth that erupt in baby’s mouth will stay healthy and strong. At Irmo Kids Dental, we look forward to working with your children – not just for checkups but to make taking care of their teeth fun and to help them establish habits that keep their teeth strong throughout their entire lives.

As babies grow into children, tweens, adolescents, and teenagers, their dental care needs change, too. When we get to work with children as they grow, we have the opportunity to provide care tailored to their age group and their changing behaviors and dental habits.

As a general dentistry service for children, we provide:

  • Regular checkups for good oral health
  • Cleaning to keep teeth healthy
  • Fillings and other services in case of decay
  • Extractions when teeth need to be pulled
  • X-Rays to ensure healthy teeth and jaws

More than anything, we would love to work with your child and your family to help keep their teeth clean and healthy and to help you develop healthy habits for years to come.

Have Other Concerns?

You may have other concerns about your child’s oral health that we can help with. While we may not be able to list all of your questions, here are a a few other areas that we would be happy to speak with you about: